Our 3rd Anniversary

Once upon a time... the calendar show 12th october 2012.
As the game "HellFire The Summoning" appears two or three days before this, our community was born this day the 12th october 2012 !

It's now 3 years that we're providing the whole world of gamers, of fans... everything about this fabulous game "Hellfire The Summoning" : maps, advices, stories, cards, statistics, artworks, comparator, forum, etc...

At first, we want to THANKS you all, you fellow membres of this community, for all what you have done, you still do and will do in the incoming days. We are very proud to give you this forum and this website, for us all to play the game "HellFire The Summoning".

Show your support, show you like our community... offer us a gift !
Look HERE for the forum's thread regarding this event.

Wanna remember the early and first days of our community ? Read this (from bottom to top).

Remember, we are a non-profit community, without any relations with DeNa or the game, except that we LOVE this game ! We are a community of fans, made by fans for fans.
You have now the possibility to give our community a little gift... For this to be easy, we made little apps (only on Android devices, sorry!) for you to send us gifts !
By buying one (or more) of this applications you will support us, help us growing, showing us that you like what we do. It will help us to maintain what we offer for free (pictures, forum, stats, comparator,...) alive and responsive.
Gifts are in 4 packages : Bronze, Argent, Or, Diamant.

Gift "Diamant" (Diamond) ~50$ :
Gift "Or" (Gold) ~25$ :
Gift "Argent" (Silver) ~11$ :
Gift "Bronze" ~5$ :

None are mandatory! You still will be warmly welcomed here, even if you do not offer us a gift

Thanks in advance !

Provide us a screenshot of your mobile, with your forum's username and you will earn access to our HellFire Club, in our forum.

This is only a "gift" for the third anniversary of the NineSages Community.
It doesn't give you anything useable within the HellFire Game itself.



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