Summoning Portals

The HellFire Gods have unlocked the powerful Summoning Portals, offering opportunity to bolster your forces and strengthen your deck!
Summon Rare, Super Rare & Ultra Rare creatures, so choose wisely... Now, Summoners, hurry, since the battle for domination has begun.

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Here's how it works

  1. You pay the cost
  2. 12 random creatures (even URs) populate the 12 portals, but they are HIDDEN.
  3. You pick 3. If you are sure of the 3 you picked, click DONE
  4. The 3 are summoned, and the remaining 9 are shown to you
  5. You now have a CHOICE: Either back out and re-start for a fresh set of 12, or SHUFFLE the remaining 9.
  6. If you shuffle the remaining 9, they will be hidden again and you can then use coins to AGAIN summon 3. If there's 1-2 cards you really like, this means your odds are now 3/9 to pick the ones you like.

This then continues until you get 12 new ones. It's potentially a cheaper way to get the URs.

Thanks RashkaeTheBlack

by Corwin9sen_copyrights