Hellfire's official Hints

During the game you will receive some hints. Here they are all listed :
  • Try Reinforcing or Evolving your creatures to make them stronger.
  • Remember, certain enemies are weak to a particular type. Example, fire types are weak to water.
  • Hitting enemies in their center will score a critical hit and cause more damage.
  • You can tell how many turns until an enemy will attack by the number in its upper right corner.
  • Having trouble beating a mission? Replaying past missions can help you get stronger.
  • Do you want Magic Jewels to summon rare creatures? Completing a region will award them.
  • Try optimizing your deck with creatures of an elemental type that is strong against the type of region you are playing in.
  • The rarer the creature the more powerful it is and the higher its potential. The number of stars on a card indicates rarity.
  • Try Evolving 2 duplicate creatures to create a new more powerful one with a new look!
  • You get a bonus when Reinforcing creatures with those of the same elemental type.
  • The more actively you play, the more likely you're taken by other players to earn Ally Jewels.
  • Check back soon for new special events.
  • Don't play the game whilst driving. The creatures will wait for you.
  • Have feedback? You can send it to us using the Info button on the home screen.

Enjoy your play !
by Corwin9sen_copyrights