Invocations are the monsters, fighters call you to fight with you. They are divided into four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Death) are over four levels of evolution. Each also has a skill level. There are several types of monsters, symbolized by the stars at the bottom right, from "Common" (common - 1 star), "Uncommon" (not common - 2 stars), "Rare" (3 stars), "Ultra-Rare" (4 stars) "Legendary" (legendary - 5 stars).

To increase the level of evolution, you must use the option "Evolve" and use the same monster.
To increase the skill level, you must use the "Reinforce" and use another monster. If you use a monster of the same item, the profits are higher. Attention, any increase in skill level is canceled when a monster evolves higher level of evolution.

Pictures Galleries of Invocations

All Creatures by Elements

Terre - Earth [ Earth ] Feu - Fire [ Fire ] Mort - Death [ Death ] Eau - Water[ Water ]

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Creatures of particular Events

8th May, 2013
Disc Disciples

11th October, 2016
AnK Event
A new King is crowned

4th October, 2016
TDR Event
The Dragons Reign

27th September, 2016
AnEa Event
A new Era arises

20th September, 2016
Ely Event

13th September, 2016
FoH Event
The Fire of Heaven

6th September, 2016
ThAb Event
The Ablution

30th August, 2016
Coro Event

23rd August, 2016
MHA Event
Metatron Has Arrived

16th August, 2016
FAR Event
Faith Last Resort

10th August, 2016
TAF Event
The Angels of Fire

2nd August, 2016
RuS Event
Rusted Splendor

26th July, 2016
HeS Event
Heaven Succumbs

19th July, 2016
CAO Event
The Cry of the Anointed Ones

12th July, 2016
RSC Event
The Resistance of Silver City

5th July, 2016
HeC Event
Heaven Corrupted

28th June, 2016
TRe Event
The Restoration

21st June, 2016
TBC Event
The Braves are Coming

14th June, 2016
BiA Event
Brothers in Arms

7th June, 2016
TGS Event
The Greatest Summon

31st May, 2016
EBA Event
Existence Breaks Apart

24th May, 2016
TUM Event
The Ultimate Menace

17th May, 2016
FiA Event
Falling into the Abyss

10th May, 2016
ThE Event
The Entity

3rd May, 2016
CsF Event
Cosmos Fissure

26th April, 2016
BNW Event
Brave New World

19th April, 2016
HEx Event
Heaven's Executioners

12th April, 2016
DeP Event
Death's Procession

5th April, 2016
ThA Event
The Ark

29th March, 2016
TLi Event
The Liberators

22nd March, 2016
BsW Event
Beast's War

15th March, 2016
TLS Event
The Light of Salvation

8th March, 2016
TBE Event
The Beginning of the End

1st March, 2016
KaD Event
Knights and Demons

23rd February, 2016
SoG Event
Strength of the Gods

16th February, 2016
AoA Event
Age of Assassins

9th February, 2016
MoW Event
Masters of War

2nd February, 2016
VoD Event
Vortex of Desolation

26th January, 2016
AoP Event
Attack on Paradise

19th January, 2016
DeWr Event
Death's War

12th January, 2016
KoS Event
Kingdom of Sin

5th January, 2016
WoG Event
World of Giants

29th December, 2015
TEl Event
The Elementals

22nd December, 2015
IcW Event
Ice Walkers

15th December, 2015
TEi Event
The Elites

8th December, 2015
DWa Event
Dragon War

1st December, 2015
TDc Event
The Descent

24th November, 2015
TArr Event
The Arrival

17th November, 2015
DeA Event
Devourer's Army

10th November, 2015
SRi Event
Salvation Rising

3rd November, 2015
FaD Event
Fire and Darkness

27th October, 2015
Sam Event

20th October, 2015
TEC Event
The End of Creation

13th October, 2015
TED Event
The Eternal Destroyer

6th October, 2015
TOW Event
The Ominous War

29th September, 2015
ChO Event
Chaos Armory

22nd September, 2015
LDK Event
The Last Days of Kaldecia

15th September, 2015
DoF Event
Dorandale's Fall

8th September, 2015
HuM Event
Hunter's Moon

1st September, 2015
TNK Event
The New Kind

25th August, 2015
TKD Event
The Kindom of Darkness

18th August, 2015
MEx Event
Madness Expanse

11th August, 2015
REB Event

4th August, 2015
TGI Event
The Gifted

28th July, 2015
GAA Event
Guards and Assassins

21st July, 2015
RLC Event
Ragnarok, The Last City

14th July, 2015
DCi Event
Dark Circus

7th July, 2015
LoT Event
Legends of Transformation

30th June, 2015
One Event

23rd June, 2015
TTW Event
The Totem War

16th June, 2015
THom Event
The Homunculi

9th June, 2015
TIns Event
The Instruments

2nd June, 2015
TCol Event
The Collection

26th May, 2015
TBH Event
The Bounty Hunters

19th May, 2015
THA Event
The Holy Armor

12th May, 2015
StSi Event
Star Sickness

5th May, 2015
HaBe Event
Half Beasts

28th April, 2015
ThFo Event
Therian Forest

21st April, 2015
ItDe Event
Into the Deep

14th April, 2015
VGL Event
Valley of the Great Lizards

7th April, 2015
Akel Event

31st March, 2015
TAG Event
The Ancient Gods

24th March, 2015
KoO Event
Kings of Old

17th March, 2015
EgWa Event
Egorian War

10th March, 2015
FtOS Event
From the Other Side

3rd March, 2015
Nec Event

24th February, 2015
WiDe Event
Wild Desert

17th February, 2015
CaoSo Event
Carnivale of Souls

10th February, 2015
DaLo Event
Dark Lovers

3rd February, 2015
TLaDo Event
The Last Door

27th January, 2015
DotAb Event
Down The Abyss

20th January, 2015
BoPi Event
Bottomless Pit

13th January, 2015
IntV Event
Into The Void

6th January, 2015
DeCo Event
Devil's Country

30th December, 2014
ReMa Event
Red Maze

23rd December, 2014
SiNi Event
Silent Night

16th December, 2014
BlaMa Event
Black Maze

9th December, 2014
DeMa Event
Destiny Maze

2nd December, 2014
TTaO Event
The Tainted Ones

25th November, 2014
ODaM Event
Of Dragon and Men

18th November, 2014
DraHe Event
Dragons Hell

11th November, 2014
DraKi Event
The DragonKind

4th November, 2014
EoToR Event
End of Times on Roanoke

28th October, 2014
ThTri Event
The Tricksters

21st October, 2014
DotD Event
Day of The Dead

14th October, 2014
BaThTi Event
Battle Through Time

7th October, 2014
NiFl Event
Night Flora

30th September, 2014
BeRi Event
Beast Riders

23rd September, 2014
Best Event

16th September, 2014
ThT Event
The Hunt

9th September, 2014
TCo Event
The Collider

2nd September, 2014
TAR Event
The Art of Rebirth

26th August, 2014
TNF Event
The New Flesh

19th August, 2014
GF Event
Genesis Forge

12th August, 2014
TPY Event
The Pyre

5th August, 2014
DaDe Event
Dawn of Demons

29th July, 2014
DBK Event
Death Bound Knights

22nd July, 2014
LtbF Event
Let There Be Fire

15th July, 2014
FotM Event
Festival of the Muses

8th July, 2014
ShKi Event
Shattered Kingdoms

1st July, 2014
WotW Event
War of the Valkyries

24th June, 2014
PttU Event
Path to the Underworld

17th June, 2014
BTA Event
Breca, The Avenger

10th June, 2014
KoH Event
King of Hellfire

3rd June, 2014
RotDr Event
Return of the Dragons

27th May, 2014
ArFa Event
Arabian Fantasy

20th May, 2014
RoH Event
Robin of Hellfire

13th May, 2014
AtoSi Event
Atonement of Sins

6th May, 2014
LoW Event
Lords of War

29th April, 2014
EtWi Event
Eternal Winter

22nd April, 2014
FOS Event

15th April, 2014
BWa Event
Broken Warriors

8th April, 2014
AnDa Event
A New Dawn

1st April, 2014
OaC Event
Order and Choas

25th March, 2014
EotA Event
Escape Of The Assassins

18th March, 2014
MotF Event
Masterminds of the Future

11th March, 2014
EiTa Event
Eiru Tales

4th March, 2014
LoRS Event
Land of Rising Sun

25th February, 2014
FaHu Event
Fabled Hunters

18th February, 2014
SyoD Event
Symphonie of Darkness

11th February, 2014
GoE Event
Garden of Eden

4th February, 2014
TCF Event
The Cursed Forest

28th January, 2014
RotC Event
Rise of the Cultists

21st January, 2014
GNW Event
Gods of the New World

14th January, 2014
CS Event
Circusy Sideshow

7th January, 2014
SZW Event
Second Zodiac War

31st December, 2013
SoC Event
Showdown of Collossi

24th December, 2013
AHC Event
A Hellfire Carol

17th December, 2013
Chss Event

10th December, 2013
BaWa Event
Barbarian Wars

4th December, 2013
NoKi Event
Nowhere Kids

26th November, 2013
TxG Event

19th November, 2013
Philo Event

12th November, 2013
JoCeHe Event
Journey to the Center of Hellfire

5th November, 2013
Glad Event

29th October, 2013
Hween Event

22nd October, 2013
HaDun Event
Haunted Dungeons

15th October, 2013
GivE Event
Giants vs. Elves

9th October, 2013
DrLd Event

2nd October, 2013
HoAss Event
Horsemen Assault

24th September, 2013
BeBi Event
The Beautiful and Bizarre

17th September, 2013
PA Event
Pirates Assault

10th September, 2013
RoJ Event
Rites of Judgement

5th September, 2013
DiRiLa Event
Dino Riders' Lair

28th August, 2013
DoZo Event
Descent of the Zodiac

20th August, 2013
SS Event
Samurai Skirmish

13th August, 2013
AN Event
Arabian Nights

6th August, 2013
WotS Event
Week of the Shark

31st July, 2013
BloP Event
Blight of Pandora

23rd July, 2013
LW Event
Legendary Weapons

17th July, 2013
SoC Event
Siege of Camelot

9th July, 2013
DA Event
Demonic Assault

3rd July, 2013
FaFaR Event
Fan Favorite Return

25th June, 2013
NF Event

19th June, 2013
MoCa Event
Mines of Cathir

11th June, 2013
RoA Event
Revenge of Anubis

5th June, 2013
DaDe Event
Dagon's Depths

28th May, 2013
FvsI Event
Fire vs Ice

17th May, 2013
FoO Event
Fall of Olympus

8th May, 2013
GA Event
Grimm's Assault

30th April, 2013
RoO Event
Ruins of Overgrowth

19th April, 2013
OoA Event
Order of Assassins

11th April, 2013
SET Event
Soul Eater's Tomb

30th March, 2013
TgEH Event
The Great Egg Hunt

22nd March, 2013
JttW Event
Journey to the West

8th March, 2013
DLA Event
Dragon Lords Awakening

27th February, 2013
TiW Event
Trouble in Wonderland

18th February, 2013
BoM Event
Battle of Midgard

9th February, 2013
WoRoses Event
War of Roses

20th January, 2013
WoMage 2 Event
War of Mages 2

18th January, 2013
WoMage Event
War of Mages

10th January, 2013
FoW Event
Frosts of Winter

27th December, 2012
CoNat Event
Corrupted Nature

20th December, 2012
LoW Event
Lords of War

14th December, 2012
Harvest Event
Hellish Harvest

7th November, 2012
TFF Event
Treasure Fiend Frenzy

8th May, 2013
Disc Event

8th May, 2013
Premium Event

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