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nb: Delay skill is missing in this screenshots.

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Each time you rank up, the skill of the creature will also grow up :


Steps of Skills

Each skill has two steps, reached when you grow up in levels.
At evolution 1, level 2 : the skill reach the stade I
At evolution 1, level 10 : the skill gain 10% of efficacity
At evolution 2, level 20 : the skill reach the stade II, with even more efficacity
At evolution 3, level 40 : the skill gain 5% of efficacity
At evolution 4, level 60 : the skill gain 5% of efficacity

Categories of Skills

Skills are divided in two main categories: "action against foes" and "heal the summoner".

Action areas of Skills

Skill will affect one, two, three or all ennemies on the screen. It is a pattern to know how many ennemies will be affected by the skill. Check the name of the skill. If it is:
  • Light: will affect 1 enemy
  • [no specifications]: will affect 2 enemies, or a predefined number (following special Skill
  • Greater: will affect 3 enemies
  • Master: will affect all enemies

  • Shifts Skills

    This skills will change basis element to another. It's pretty straightforward actually.
    "Shift" to subordinate element:
  • EARTH SHIFT: change all EARTH to WATER
  • WATER SHIFT: change all WATER to FIRE
  • FIRE SHIFT: change all FIRE to DEATH
  • DEATH SHIFT: change all DEATH to EARTH

  • "Shift II" to opposite (neutral) element:
  • EARTH SHIFT II: change all EARTH to FIRE
  • WATER SHIFT II: change all WATER to DEATH
  • FIRE SHIFT II: change all FIRE to EARTH
  • DEATH SHIFT II: change all DEATH to WATER

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