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Ice Walkers

Here is the 153th event of Hellfire

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Annihilator +
With the Annihilator on her hands, Chaos holds the reigns of the universe, the soul of three of the most powerful Eternals and the key that would eventually bring about the end of it all.

Aqua +
Embracing the world like a mother, its unstoppable essence can shape the life and death of the land, giving many creatures the power to mold it in her name.

Ardentos +
Thus the ancient armor of the gods found a new bearer, a wild man that bowed to protect the sacred forests and to use his power to once again see the titan beasts roam free the lands of HellFire.

Dark Titan +
One grievous night, the air stood still and the stars in the heavens opened to let in the monstrosity that came from a different plane, to consume all life force and reclaim it for its master.

God Killer +
By the light of the moon of the seventh day, the God Killer began his heretic plan, to desecrate the name of the gods and to defile their believers, thus forcing the Eternals to descent from their thrones and bring them right into his grasp.

Halloween Tree +
When the stars are higher in the sky and the moon is big and bright, the Halloween Tree shares its force, nourishing the obscure creatures of Samhain, declaring the initiation of the dark festivities.

Ignis +
The spark that ignites all that moves forward, the flames that can destroy or protect, for the fire does not take sides, they just burn and consume until all that is left are ashes.

Not all dragons are the same. Some dragons are ferocious and uncontrollable, still living as they were when the world was young, while others are smart and form alliances to ensure their survival. But no matter what they do, one thing is clear, they were all gifted with the fire that forged the First Sun, burning inside of them.

Mortem +
A dark force that rises to keep the growing world at bay, a shadow that grows in power, granting new born creatures the power to destroy, pollute and consume life. It is the essence of the Reaper itself.

Salvation +
She is the symbol of a new era of balance for all the worlds in Existence, her presence alone is a reminder that no one can tip the scale to their favor for long, before the universe itself finds a way to correct what has been wronged.

Terra +
The savage and the untameable, a force as old as the land itself, strong and unrelenting, its essence is the primitive voice that whispers in the depths of the mind, tempting us to become wild, to return to the primal nature from where all comes from.
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Details for Dungeon's Floors

NameFloorsPartsAffinityEnergy Cost
Novice1, 2to 5/5Earth10
Novice3, 4to 5/5Water10
Novice5, 6to 5/5Fire10
Novice7, 8to 5/5Death10
Novice9, 10to 5/5Earth10
Expert1, 2to 5/5Death15
Expert3, 4to 5/5Earth15
Expert5, 6to 5/5Water15
Expert7, 8to 5/5Fire15
Expert9, 10to 5/5Death15
Master1, 2, 3to 5/5Earth15
Master4, 5, 6to 5/5Water15
Master7, 8, 9to 5/5Fire15
Master10, 11, 12to 5/5Death15
Master13, 14, 15to 5/5Earth15
Master16, 17to 5/5Water15
Master18, 19, 20to 5/5Fire15
Hell1, 2, 3to 5/5Earth15
Hell4, 5, 6to 5/5Water15
Hell7, 8, 9to 5/5Fire15
Hell10, 11, 12to 5/5Death15
Hell13, 14, 15to 5/5Earth15
Hell16, 17to 5/5Water15

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Atk Royal
HP Royal
Atk Royal
HP Royal
Atk Royal
HP Royal
Atk Royal
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Stats of Creature of this Event

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AscendantBase AtkDecendant
AscendantBase HPDecendant
AscendantMax LevelDecendant
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