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Pietro (@) - 07.06.21 11:24 -
I want this game so bad, I miss it, I've played since 2010 and it was literally a drug for me 😭

Mary - 19.03.21 20:35 -
I miss Hellfire so much T.T

akuhds (@) - 05.07.16 20:22 -

Mohamad (@) - 28.06.16 11:22 -
Hi everyone
I want to know if this game usually make new server?
I want to start the game fresh with a players near to my rank not 100s ranks more than me

HellfirePlayer (@) - 19.01.16 02:56 -
Sorry, but where do I register on Mobage?

2809910 (@) - 24.12.15 15:39 -
Do I really need internet to play this really fun and cool game.

2809910 (@) - 24.12.15 15:37 -
Do I really need internet to play this really fun and cool game.

Hbell111193 (@) - 09.11.15 21:54 -
So after we earn 300 soul stones in Inferno (Wave 192) can we earn another 300 soul stones if we play through again to Wave 192 again?
Thanks =)

jwizofdoom (@) - 03.11.15 11:36 -
Hi everyone, I've been playing Hellfire on and off for the last 3 or so years and have only just noticed that I have these 'skull keys' in my inventory and when I tap on them, it says that they can summon something. When I go to summons however, there appears to be nothing for me to use the skull keys on.
What are they used for and what would I get in return for using them?
Thank you.

Tolecnal30 (@) - 16.09.15 00:45 -
As a recently returned (after about a year break) player, it would be helpful to have additional card slots specifically for collecting. I'm trying to catch up on tons of new cards that I don't plan to actually use but need to keep them until I get a fourth for my collection, but it's impossible to play if I keep them all.

Bugs - 11.08.15 14:22 -
In the gifted inferno waves, I've noticed that when i use regular seals to capture anything, mainly chests of destiny, its kicking me out and restarting me from my last check point...however I'm still losing seals and previous captures with nothing to show for it. In game name is DragonLover1630 ...I've tried resetting my phone and restarting the game but it still happens.

Feedback (@) - 11.08.15 14:07 -

I'm just sending in some feedback from someone who has played Hellfire for quite some time now, and i really think other players would agree. We need more card space! We get these fantastic cards but those that can't be evolved yet are used to level other cards or we are stuck in the game because we have no space for more cards. Some people want this for free while others dont mind paying for it. Personally to make it fair to both, i really wish you guys would give some extra space for earning certain levels, logins, etc...and for the payer players, give us options to buy extra spaces. It would work for both the players and for the game. Hopefully you guys will consider this. Thanks for listening. Sincerely, DragonLover1630

feraldragonite13 (@) - 28.05.15 03:31 -
Are the step up summons the only way to get epic cards? If there are any other ways can you please inform me? Great site you have here with a lot of useful information.

Fellow gamer - 01.05.15 06:31 -
Just wondering what is the best rank one super rare for attack and need some look out for good life and ice creatures just want to get some in my deak email me at Rgwhy07@yahoo.com the message

Brazul (@) - 27.04.15 03:51 -
Am I the only one who never had an opportunity to name himself during or after the tutorial? The game just labeled me gamer900000 and threw me into it like i was just another passerby to be processed. I see other people with usernames and i want to name myself before i buy anything. Please explain.

Michael (@) - 03.03.15 11:23 -
One of my creatures is fully evolved to level 4, and when I reinforce them, the stats dont change and tell me to evolve to level 4 to increase - why is this?

Danielsnook (@) - 26.02.15 14:19 -
How do you get the silver keys?

DarkknightX (@) - 26.01.15 17:57 -
When I enter appear a error message: please check your internet connection and try again.
I do it and the internet work but when I return says the same thing. ¿what i have to do?

jermain (@) - 21.01.15 02:39 -
this device has already been registered and cannot be registered again?

Appears when a tap redeem,

Kiva (@) - 06.12.14 15:47 -
Hello, I'm a new player and want to ask how to invite my friends?

I've already checked any buttons can input my game code in my friends phone.
¡]And my friend already finished the tutorial and still can't find a way to input my code¡^

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Kiva. Your friends need to put in your game name, (or input code) exactly the way you have it spelled. It is case sensitive. If you have caps in your name, they need to include those. Friends cannot use your input code if they are level 4 or higher. If your input code starts with, 'GAMERXXXXXXXX' then you need to contact Mobage Support and have them help you with your friends and putting in your code. Seems that some people are having problems with this trying to get around the 'GAMERXXXXXXX' sign-in.

denbenedik (@) - 07.11.14 21:37 -
How to get soul stones?? Thanks

Answered by Omega-Recon: I believe Soul Stones are only available through purchase within the game.

jeepjr (@) - 02.11.14 00:27 -
ty for great site helped me figure out a lot

RT Raven - 29.10.14 21:46 -
Hi all, just a small thank you letter for this great HF bible that we can't and won't do without, special shout to Corwin and all the admins and moderators of the forum and the site. Keep up the great work!

Thank you!


Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to post. We're glad that you enjoy this site. If you haven't joined us on the forum yet, please do so. And don't forget to check out the Hellfire fan app that can be downloaded from this site. See you forum side!

ServerError - 06.10.14 22:46 -
I am trying to register for the forums and I am getting server errors. Bummer.

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi there! Its possible when you tried to join the forum, that our servers were down. It does happen from time to time. Nothing is perfect.

MsDiabolical - 06.10.14 22:21 -
I want to thank Hellfire for the recent sales this past week. I received my second Moon and my second Magma dragon. I did not receive the main on another sale I tried to buy. Still having a 2nd Moon and a 2nd Magma is a big deal. I am pretty happy,.

Answered by Omega-Recon: Congratulations on your recent additions to your deck. And welcome to the forum!

Tasted (@) - 04.10.14 18:31 -
http://hellfire.ninesages.org/?page=gallerie_event&lang=en&id=event20&imgmax=&imst=24 - there is a mistake. Under Uxa and her evo is Uxia, not Uxa. :I

Answered by Omega-Recon: Thank you for pointing this out to us. We'll have a look at it and get it fixed!

annabelle (@) - 30.09.14 00:22 -
Bonjour. Je souhaiterai rejoindre votre communauté. Comment dois-je mis prendre ?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Salut à tous! Il suffit d'aller sur notre forum et registre. Créer un nom pour vous-même et vous connecter. C'est aussi simple que ça. Assurez-vous de consulter notre forum de chat!

ailee93 (@) - 30.08.14 03:01 -
Hi, Master.
I want to ask how could someone steal large BE from the other players on Raid Boss event..?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Thanks for posting. To let you know, there is no way that you can steal large or small BE from another player. The game doesn't operate that way.

Vizz (@) - 29.08.14 00:24 -
Hi master, I want to know how to get more damage on raid boss event. I never got more than 15mil damage in one attack, even I used 3 BE. I saw other player could damage up to or more than 50mil in one attack. By the way I had rank 147. Thanks!

Answered by Omega-Recon: Best way to deal more damage is to fill your deck with as many SR & R elites as possible. I've seen some players do 80-90 million in damage. Just get those elites and you'll be doing more than 15 million!

ksears9 (@) - 22.08.14 09:21 -
I would like to ask that, if I want to get the UR(the master rewind) in the next event from box, so how many be I have to spend during that event?? thank you

Answered by Omega-Recon: There is now a link to the left, BOXES, that will be helpful in answering this question. More information can be found on our forum as well.

bwtucker72 (@) - 21.08.14 19:41 -
when a boss seal blinks during a dungeon or mission battle,, what does that mean or is it a glitch with my device ? thanks

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi there. I saw that you recently joined our forum. Glad to have you aboard. That blinking you're referring to is a glitch on the device. It can happen on just about any device.

Angel (@) - 13.08.14 03:37 -
How do i get a lot of free BE in raid bosses? Thanks

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Angel. Best way to get lots of BE during an event is by farming. Come on over to the forum. Well teach you how to farm 100-300 BE in one event.

Haazazheel (@) - 03.08.14 18:26 -
Petite question : j'invite des amis via FB pour être, je présume, dans mes disciples mais nous n'y arrivons pas :( Quelqu'un aurait-il la gentillesse de m'expliquer la procédure à suivre ! D'avance je vous en remercie :)

Answered by Omega-Recon: S'il vous plaît pardonnez mon français. Je ne suis pas couramment. Lorsque vous avez des amis ou membres de la famille de vous inscrire à des Flammes infernales, ils ont besoin de mettre dans votre IGN (Dans Nom du jeu) Donc, peu importe le nom que vous utilisez, ils ont besoin de mettre cette po Plus, que les joueurs de niveau 4 et moins peuvent s'inscrire pour vous aider à obtenir les cartes de Disciple. S'ils sont plus élevés que le niveau 4, vous ne recevrez pas le crédit. Espérons que cela aide!

xenocider (@) - 28.07.14 05:00 -
Hi! How do I get four ultra rare cards at the same time? I mean, I always get only 1 ultra rare card at the event.

Answered by Omega-Recon: You can get your UR cards one of two ways. Purchase them through Mobage's in-game specials, or fight like Hell-fire to rank in the leader boards. Best of luck to you!

Satantracker - 27.07.14 06:02 -
How do i join with people on dungeon events? I am new to this forum.Thanks

Answered by Omega-Recon: Keep in mind that this is just the Fan site. There are hundreds of players on the forum that you can join up with for dungeon events. Click the FORUM link to the left and come on over and meet some of your new allies.

Sam (@) - 25.07.14 22:33 -
How do I get soul stones I have 30 already but no clue on how to get more please help

Answered by Omega-Recon: So far, you can only purchase Stones through some of the promotions that Mobage offers in the game.

AidenFall (@) - 25.07.14 14:18 -
Do gems carry over to the next event if you don't use them?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Gems DO NOT carry over. If you don't use them, they're gone forever.

Q4124 (@) - 22.07.14 23:21 -
Just want to post a suggestion that I think would be a good addition to the game: A drop-down list for sorting through worlds, rather than having to continuously press the back button to get to earlier worlds.
Love the game :)

Answered by Omega-Recon: Sounds like a good idea! You can submit your ideas directly to Mobile through the game by clicking on SUPPORT or send your idea off to their FB Page. They take all suggestions into consideration.

TheDeanna - 15.07.14 21:24 -
I am going to quit the game if I don't get new slots soon. 100 slots is stupid and frankly, if I only get 5 more after spending 2000 coins on junk cards I am going to be annoyed. 100 slots is why most people quit.

Answered by Omega-Recon: With all the new cards showing up as well as past event cards, 100 slots just isn't enough. From time to time Mobage does send out extra slots. We just have to be patient for those. You can purchase more through offers like you mentioned, or be patient. I wish you the best!

Wemblemonster (@) - 13.07.14 02:02 -
Why do some peoples avatar have a gold box vs what element they are?

Answered by Omega-Recon: If you're referring to the bright gold band that encompasses a players block that you might find in your ally list, those are players that came in a Top 10 position in the last event. What element they are has no bearing on the matter.

vixierose132 (@) - 10.07.14 16:38 -
Hi! I started playing recently and I reeeally wanted to get Red Riding Gun, but she's not the invite card anymore :( so I only have one, is there a way I can get her via summons? Or should I just start lookin for another card to add to my team because I'll never see her again?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Vixie. Thank you for being patient. In the past, we've seen on one occasion where Disciple Cards were repeated. If you have space, keep the card. It's possible it can be repeated or come out in the future as a summons card from gem rewards. If space in your deck is limited, then by all means make room for something better.

Mikki - 08.07.14 16:22 -
Hi Thanks a lot for this helpful website!

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there Mikki! Thanks for the post. We're glad that the fan site is able to help you out. Join us over on the forum and you'll learn tons more. Hope to see you there!

Some dude - 08.07.14 06:04 -
I was wondering if anyone could give me the creature totals for box 1-4 for the dungeons.

Ie *75 rare 20 sr* etc

Thank you

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there! I can't give you exact totals for each box. We do have players on our forum that keep track of this kind of information. You're more than welcome to look at the forum and see what the other players have come up with.

anunhunrama (@) - 05.07.14 07:38 -
Hello GM master, please tell me ho to get silver key's.
Greer player.

Answered by Omega-Recon: Sure thing. Only your allies can send you Silver Keys. This is how you unlock 'gifts' sent to you by your allies.

hellfirefan (@) - 23.06.14 19:22
hey:) Right now in this most recent event im ranked 888 and ive been trying to get a legendary boss but i havent gotten one yet. Ive been through level after level on the map and i got nothing except for a lvl 21 grendels mother whos health is 21,000,000. I went through other peoples L bosses and people who are ranked 2,097 in the event are getting the 135,000,000 leveled bosses in the event. So if you could please tell me how to get a legendary boss that would be greatly appreciated:) btw my official level is 89 right now.

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there HF Fan. Keep in mind your level has nothing to do with summoning LB's. In order for you to summon your own LB's, you have to be MVP on the bosses you summon at the time. Any MVP that you can get will help push you to getting those higher level bosses. And sometimes, during the event, no matter how many MVP's you get you may see only a few LB's or, none at all. I've had events where I never saw a level 100 boss, and other times, only a few. Sometimes I think it's a matter of luck on what bosses you summon.

hiteshWAR (@) - 18.06.14 11:27 -
Thanks for such a quick response omega-Reckon! That advice really helps. I have one more question to ask, how to use reinforce spirit most effectively? We can use it to include in deck and also to level up creatures but that works only for one battle, i think. and what about reinforcement wisp and soul?

Answered by Corwin: for questions, please go in this part of the forum. About your current question: they are usefull to quickly evolve other creatures.

hiteshWAR (@) - 17.06.14 21:31 -
Hii. its my first day on this game and i am pretty much stuck. I dont want to buy coins too soon but i am having a lot of difficulty in every chapter. Can anyone please suggest me how to progress without buying anything.
And one more question, i cant find how to earn gems. I mean jewels are there after every mission but not gems. Also cant find them in store. Thnks a lot

Answered by Omega-Recon : Hey there! Welcome to Hellfire! You're not really stuck. You may think you are. But you're not. You need to build your deck strategically as you go along. You'll find tons of hints, tips, and tricks over on our forum. Follow the advice that's given and you can shorten your learning curve tremendously. and you'll see that you don't have to buy anything to start playing. You'll find gems as you defeat Bosses. They'll be in the "summon" section of the game. You won't find them in the store, because you can't buy them. Come on over to the forum, we'll help you get started. Again, welcome to Hellfire. We hope you'll enjoy it.

TheChampionFtw (@) - 16.06.14 20:08 -
Hi i cant help to notice a Silver key in the shop and i was wondering how to "earn" it . Thanks for any information.

Answered by Corwin: throw an eye in this forum's subject, you will find plenty of infos and details.

ULTMTCARNAGE (@) - 15.05.14 20:13 -
Hey, Im at lvl 176 at this point but I cant seem to get master rewinds at all that start as SRs even. The last one I got was The Moon (UR). My question is how often do they come out considering they are such a key part of the game to have, there should be more of them out there.

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi there. Let's face it, Master Rewinds are far and few between. At least you have The Moon. I only have an S2 Grimhalka. Master Rewinds don't come out very often. I believe this is intentionally done by the developers. Once a new Master Rewind comes out, the more people that will want to add it to their deck, those people will spend money to get it in their deck. As for older cards that have this skill? Well its all a matter of "Luck of the draw." You'll just have to be patient and hope that cards you receive from future summons will bring those cards.

Hi (@) - 09.05.14 11:44 -
Is it possible to get bosses in quest

Answered by Omega-Recon: No. You cannot get any Legendary Bosses while doing normal missions. However, by doing normal missions, you can get to those bosses if you have enough EP. Hope this helped you out!

mcdohl98 (@) - 04.05.14 17:57 -
Hi, i would like to upload one of my card pic into the maxed out picture section. How do i do that? Thank's

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there! I've passed your question on to our forum administrator. He knows exactly how to get this done. Just be patient.

Co-answered by Corwin9s: to share your maxedout creature, you have to go in the Share YOURS section, below the Creatures, in the Menu. Then choose your printscreen, upload it. You also can easily go to http://hellfire.ninesages.org/share from your device and do the same. All submited pictures will be rewieved by moderators, so it can take some time before your submitted one is moved in the right section; but you also can see it meanwhile in the Share YOURS repository.

chincza1990 (@) - 01.05.14 01:46 -
Hello i wanted to register in your forum many times but always i got error that the password does not contain the required characters its really annoying pls help

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hello Chincza. If you're still having problems, send me an email at omega_recon@aol.com. We'll get everything fixed for you.

leo - 29.04.14 14:49 -
'Invocations are the monsters, fighters call you to fight with you. They are divided into four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Death) are over four levels of evolution. Each also has a skill level. There are several types of monsters, symbolized by the stars at the bottom right, from "Common" (common - 1 star), "Uncommon" (not common - 2 stars), "Rare" (3 stars), "Ultra-Rare" (4 stars) "Legendary" (legendary - 5 stars).'
it's missing 'Super-Rare' over there before Ultra.

Answered by Omega-Recon: If you can tell me where "over there" is, we can get that fixed provided it's here on the fan site. We have no control over Mobages FB pages.

Hell - 26.04.14 04:16 -
This has become seriously annoying, why in the world does the game keep lagging and crashing so much these days? if not those the controls will randomly stop working and I have to hard reset my phone to get it to work again. >_<

I'm really going to quit this game if these problems keep happening because I can't even take part in the events like I used to because of this mess. >_<

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there! Keep in mind that there are a lot of updates going on, especially when it comes to working out the bugs in the Dungeon events. Samsung devices (if that's what you may be using) are notorious for trying to work out the bugs. My advice is to let Mobage know what device you're using and let them know what issues you're having so they can work on them, and find solutions for future events. (If your device is rooted, you can uninstall the game, clear your cache and dalvik, and reinstall the game.) I hope this helps.

ikusu24 (@) - 11.04.14 02:19 -
Hello, since I haven't played Hellfire in a LONG time, I don't know if these cards are available: Blackbeard, Flame Apprentice, Rousalka, Gorgon, Boar Rider, Siege Turtle.
So are they available?
Also just a suggestion for this website, if the cards aren't available anymore or is still available, you should post it on the card's page.
Thank you!

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there ikusu24. All the cards you have mentioned are still available. The only one I have NOT seen is Blackbeard. And I'm sure it's still around, but not as common as the others when it comes to summoning. Be patient, I'm certain it will come up in the near future. And with recent updates to Hellfire, past cards are returning! So, there really is no need to tag the website that certain cards are unavailable. Hope this helps.

mesmd8 (@) - 01.04.14 22:14 -
Hi I've been playing this game for several months and I love it. My rank is 185 atm. I don't have a lot of money to spend but occasionally I do a little and have ranked under 100 once and under 300 once. I would like to find some allies that might want to help each other out with points if that's possible. I'm tired of sending out millions of points to people that don't return the favor once in a while.
Sincerely, Mesmd8

Answered by Corwin9s: hello. I can feel your frustration, and it's quite understandable. Join the NWP (Ninesages Wolf Pack) in the Forum to be focused player and you will earn many points.

chetan (@) - 31.03.14 19:39 -
How many reinforcement spirits are needed to fully level up an ultra rare card.

Answered by Corwin9s: it depends on level and way of evolving. Look at the bjoern's calculator (in the Calculator pages)

dhindz10 - 25.03.14 17:22 -
good day..dear mobage/hellfire staffs..
im pretty new on this game but i was addicted already..congratulations and thank you for bringing out lots of new features for this awesome game..
Well just a mere suggestion not only from me but for some of our players too..
As we all know summon box now are available..so a chance of getting our dream cards is higher..and from what ive read on other post..cards from before will be returning too..and as for that i think our card slots is verry little for it..i mean most of us played here to have our favorites and its hard cause we got tons of favorite cards that we dont want to dispose..so i my opinio and im sure lots of players will agree on this...please consider to give us more slots for our cards..like instead of 100 why not 200..since we will have a lot of sets of cards in the near future..
Regards and good day.

Answered by Corwin9s: I definitively agree for having more slots. I'm now at 220 (without paying for). DeNa do sometimes some gifts of slots, and you sometimes also could buy some. Be patient and you may have your slot counter increased.

jump - 18.03.14 09:04 -
Was the summon box a one time thing or will it be back in the next raid event

Answered by Corwin9s: good question. As we had read in the last Summon Box, it seams that it's a one Event box, reseting itself for each event.

kawa-rimono (@) - 15.03.14 00:20 -
Hiya, I love hellfire, but I wanted to ask can you get more than three cards in each deck, as when your fighting there appear to be five spaces. Any ideas?

Answered by Corwin9s: for now, only 3 cards can be used at the time. Maybe later DeNa will deliver a release with more space used.

innie82 (@) - 10.03.14 17:21 -
Question, is there a website where it shows your rank and how many creatures you can have at that rank.

Answered by Corwin9s: look in this website, here. Keep in mind that values can be higher if you had got bonuses.

Elbereth (@) - 28.02.14 16:15 -
In dungeons, you know how to capture the reinforce spirit or wisp for sure? and boos too?
Answered by Corwin9s: use 100% chance magical potions.

Elrane (@) - 03.01.14 07:38 -
WOW, haven't used fanpage for a while and I am pleasantly surprised. Whant to ask everyone reading this to make a suggestion to Hellfire to make it possible to futher evolve for example 4x superrare snowqueen to our own ultrarare and epic :) wouldnt that be great...

Hill - 08.12.13 23:16 -
I think you should list Goddess Aria as a returning invite card instead of new since she was actually the first invite to be used.

Hill - 29.11.13 23:42 -
A little tip for players in HF, when you see the legend version of the bosses are active in each raid event, stop attacking the lower level bosses and then asking for help with them.

People are going to focus on the legend more so they can get the silver and gold medals from the rewards and you'll just be wasting your BE fighting the lower levels.

CEOxBLAKiEx - 17.11.13 18:07 -
That's my picture in the "Close Calls" section that has no name under it.. red background with only 1 HP left.. that's actually one of my oldest screenshots I've submitted.. just would be nice to get credited for it.. thanks..

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi CEO. I myself don't usually handle the photos and screenshots submitted to the fan site, but I'll pass it along to the person who does, so that credit can be given. Thank you for the submission.

joe (@) - 14.10.13 02:58 -
Also I have finished all the missions will they add more missions to the game love this game its awesome hope they add many more missions that are more difficult

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Joe. I'm going to try to answer both questions in one shot. We don't know when the developers will add more maps to the game. They added 5 maps to the game not too long ago. You can always pose this question to their FB page, & hope for an answer. Secondly, you can win SR & UR cards in both Dungeon Events, & Raid boss Events and evolve them. You can also purchase tiers to get UR & SR cards as well, and evolve those if you're lucky enough to get more than one card of the same creature. My best advice is to try to win those cards in the Dungeon & Raid Boss events. 5 star cards have to be evolved, just like your 4 star (Rare) cards. Hope this helps.

joe (@) - 13.10.13 23:33 -
I've been playing for a long time and I'm a level 121 I have all maxed out 4 star cards but can't seem to get any 5 star cards I've even spent money on many sumonings alot I've spent over a hundred dollars I know with no luck is there somthing else I need to do to get a 5 star card

strumbb (@) - 12.10.13 18:41 -
I invited my friends to play this game, but they are no happy with 100 solts while i have 150. is it possible for them to get 50 Additional slots ,just like me?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Strumbb. I recognize the name. I believe your question was answered in our forum. Hope you're enjoying yourself. Have fun in the forum!

strumbb (@) - 23.09.13 07:46 -
how to discover a lv100 legendary boss.

from [Raid Boss Events] General Tips:
The bosses you run into depend on two things:Your event points and Stage of event.

my leaderboard 450. i discovered a lot of lv50 legendary boss and kill some of them. but i never find a lv100 legendary boss, why?

i have play for 3 Raid Boss Events without a lv100 legendary boss.

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Strumbb To discover a level 100 bosses, you first must have a certain amount of points collected. I didn't see my first LB until I had around 3.5 million in points. when I did summon bosses, most of them were low level bosses. I spawned very few level 100's myself. I don't know if this is a bug in the game or not. But there are two things you can do, and I would give both suggestions a try. 1) Let Mobage/Hellfire know that you've gone several events without coming across a level 100 boss. They can then look into the matter. 2) Uninstall Hellfire, & reinstall the game once again. This may help, & fix your problem.

Hosthecolossus (@) - 15.09.13 17:51 -

benny (@) - 13.09.13 23:05 -
hi! love this site!
can you tell me please if creature (non-rare & rare) in event will become available by summoning after a while?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi Benny. In answer to your question, the answer is YES! At some point in time, creatures that were in past events will become available again in the future. It may not be in the immediate near future, but they will come around again. Just be patient. Good luck to you on your captures!

borja (@) - 12.09.13 15:03 -
hola me gustaria saber el codigo del eldrakevenemon o el mail de hellfire para reclamarlo

Respuesta por Omega-Recon: Hola Borja. El código para Venom Drake sólo fue dado por Mobage como regalo pre registro. Usted puede encontrar a alguien con un código en nuestro foro.

anne - 12.09.13 01:39 -
After my boyfriend dumped me, hellfire has been the only game i've been playing actually :-) saved me from depression, love the game. I can live in my own world for a moment when i'm playing <3

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hi there Anne! Sorry to hear about you & your boyfriend. But also glad to hear you're enjoying the game. You can make some NEW friends over in our forum, make some new allies, and join in on conversations about the game. It can help beat back the depression. And who knows, you might meet someone that you really enjoy chatting with! Best wishes to you Anne.

Mad - 06.09.13 19:35 -
Has anyone else been having a problem with the game freezing and crashing the phone to the point where it needs to be shut down in order to make it work again after the game was updated to the summoning?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Hey there. There have been a few complaints about phones and tablets crashing while running the new game. It seems that the Galaxy S III phones were having the most difficulty. Most of the crashes occur when trying to capture an Illusionist, RSo, or RS. Mobage/Hellfire are aware of the crashes, and are working to fix the problem.

Margot - 29.08.13 14:58 -
I have (maybe funny) question, but I can't find the answer on Forum: if I have left, let's say, 20 small BE's after one Raid Boss event finished, will they stay on my account till next Raid Boss event so I can use them or Mobage resets (clears) them?
Thank you for the answer.

Answered by Corwin9s: yes, all the BE are keeped for next events.

Zergster (@) - 15.08.13 16:53 -
First of all, great site and thanks for sharing the helpful information. I've been playing this game for 9 days, currently @ lvl 72. Never spend a penny buying game currency. Question#1: Is there a slight possiblity to capture rare cards, not to mention SR? Question#2: I don't mind spend money for a good cause, for example, the game can charge a transaction fee for people who want to exchange cards, or a bidding system with an upper limit. This way people can get the last card to fully evolve or get some jewels for listing it out and use the jewels to buy what he lacks.

I see people losing interest on the long run if they dont get good cards in return. If the developer is worried about players all get stronger and beat the game in reduced time fram, simply extend more chapters and make it harder to kill.

All in all, the game needs to add some player friendly elements to extend its longevity and to retain people's interest.



Answered by Ωmega Recon: Hello Zergster. I won't go into detail in answering your questions. I recognize your name, being a new addition to our forum. Welcome to our forum, where I'm sure you've already found answers to your questions. Have fun, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Uaf jwilzxx (@) - 15.08.13 08:30 -
Is there any way to get substantial amounts of mobacoins for free? There must be exploits or some thing in this game

Answered by Ωmega Recon: Mobage does have offers, that you can get Mobacoins for simply installing various games and trying them out. Now, whether you can actually collect these coins is another matter. I've heard some say that the offers don't pay off. But it doesn't hurt to try them out for yourself.

dfclav (@) - 07.08.13 01:48 -
I noticed that you don't have some pictures of older character cards, or incomplete/not fully evolved on some. Is there any way I can help with this? Any email or something I can send to?

Answered by Omega-Recon: Actually you can. You can submit any missing photos by clicking on the link to the left that says, SHARE YOURS! Any help you can give to the Fan site is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

yoi - 05.08.13 14:34 -
Can someone please put in a suggestion to the makers of hellfire to add an option for the game to remember the user name and pass. it gets really annoying having to enter them again every time the game has an error or the connection is slow.

Answered by Ωmega Recon: Hi. Everyone is encouraged to submit their ideas and feedback to Mobage. You can send them an email, visit their Facebook page, or click on the INFO button at the bottom of your game screen of Hellfire. It would be a nice little feature to be seen in a future update.

AidenFall (@) - 02.08.13 05:05 -
Do you start seeing the master dungeon boss at floor 5? Because I'm at floor 7 master and keep fighting the expert dungeon boss...

Answered by Omega-Recon: On the Master Dungeon, you'll see the Expert Dungeon Illusionist up until floor 10. After that you'll come to the Master Illusionist. Good luck to you Aiden!

Mad - 22.07.13 06:40 -
What in the world is going on with the makers of hellfire jacking up the stats so high on the enemies in normal missions? even the enemies in Eberdawn are doing more damage than what they used to back when I started playing the game when the first mage event was active.

Answered by Omega-Recon: This answer comes from Bhoejte, our resident forum member who keeps track of game stats. Here's what he has to say : "Have he/she considered handicap. If he wins loads of times in dungeons and/or on new missions, then the handicap will be sky-high."
Note: It seems only new missions (mission not won yet) count when calculating handicap, but I don't have the final info on that yet.

zakenukem - 05.07.13 12:42 -
Kan some One help me in dungeon :( need an Ally

Answered by Ωmega Recon: You can pick your favorite ally from your current ally list. If you need some top notch players as allies, check out our forum. There are dozens of people looking for allies to upgrade their current list. Quite a few in our forum rank in the top 30 in Dungeon Events.

Beily7 (@) - 04.07.13 23:16 -
A doubt, attack and maximum life of a creature, depends on how it evolved or Reinforce, or end always have the same power?

Answered by Omega-Recon: It never ends in the same power. Each creature has its own stats. How it finally ends up is due to how its evolved. There are different schools of thought on evolving your creatures. You can learn more in our forum, or by getting the Fan app.

michaeldrax (@) - 22.06.13 23:13 -
please use my name michaeldrax after tutorial ;)

Strouse5193 (@) - 19.06.13 23:51 -
Im level 95 and still cannot capture bosses or reinforce spirits on the dungeons. is there a way to capture them or is it just a matter of luck? any help would be useful. thanks.

Answered by Ωmega-Recon: It doesn't matter what level you are to try to capture bosses. Free seals are entirely based on luck. However, the seals that are purchased through Mobage are guaranteed to capture any boss or Reinforce Spirit.

AngeliZZy (@) - 04.06.13 00:10 -
Why can't players communicate between each other as well as trade cards.

Answered by Ωmega-Recon: Right now, Mobage has not set up a communication system within the game. Many players ask the same thing. Hopefully it will be integrated within the game in the near future. A trade system may not be feasible. However an open market is something they could work on. Every update of the game brings something new. We'll just have to wait and see.

Mad Mills (@) - 31.05.13 18:44 -
What is wrong with all of these players in hellfire? why won't anyone help fight these raid bosses? >_<

Answered by Ωmega Recon: There could be a few reasons, but I'll cover just a couple of them. 1) Some players are waiting for their free BE to build up again before making an attack. 2) If you're battling a lower level boss during the times when legendary bosses are out, players are focusing their energy on those higher level bosses. 3) Some players may not like the particular rewards offered on a certain boss, and will leave it alone. There are few more reasons but my space is limited. Check our forum for more details.

lufaqui (@) - 05.05.13 19:25 -
hi! how can i get more seals???
Answered by Corwin9s: Hi. each day you will get some free seals. When you climb up in event ranking, you also will get some free seals (or not). For more seals, you will have to pay for.

RyanAlvin (@) - 02.05.13 21:15 -
i played for 2days, was a good game. Im just wondering, i accidently evolve my lvl 30 three-stars dark card, so now the card go back to lvl 1 again.. whats the benefit or the different if i evolve the monster at lvl 30 or lvl 1. and also whats about the inherit 5% or 10%, i just dont get it. sorry for my bad english guys :D

Answered by Corwin9s: go in the forum for more infos and details, but in short answer, 5% from not fully reinforced card used and 10% from full reinforced card used for evolving. Your cards when evolved will restart at next stage, but in level 1. Check the Evolve and Reinforce sections in Questions menu.

Shinedown042 (@) - 28.04.13 09:46 -
I love hellfire, it's an awesome game. BUUUUUUUT, it's too difficult to obtain rare creatures. The only way that i know of is to use magic jewels, which in turn are hard to obtain. I was wondering if there was any what that one could obtain rare creatures without having to finish stages (the one I am up to is pretty difficult), or through events.
Also, i have around 60 cards that are 3 stars or above but only around 20 of them have been evolved and upgraded... should i sacrifice the weaker ones?

Answered by Corwin9s: you can get rares creatures by using magic jewels, by paying mobacoins, by participating in events. For your cards, that's your choice: keeping them until 4 stars (4the evolution), or using to feed strongers.

RainHawk16 (@) - 27.04.13 19:54 -
About the differencies of atk and hp,i think its something the system do,for example,i have 2 snow queens with different atkand hp.. Not so much,but i saw other ppl snow queen that has higher atk than mine like 1-2k. Anw,hiw to post maxed out creatures? I wanna post some :)
Answered by Corwin9s: stats depends on how you evolve your creature. See in the forum for more details and infos about this: click here. To share your maxedout creatures, use the link "share yours" in the menu.

stefangelke (@) - 18.04.13 20:53 -
Nice site,helped me a lot :) will post also my maxed cards here that i will achieve in this game,very addicting to play this..convinced my partner to try the game and now he cant stop playing either ^^

Budak (@) - 31.03.13 00:18 -
You misplaced between HP and Atk for Xuanzang and Dark Monkey. Xuanzang should be HP 2450 and Atk 2421, Dark Monkey should be HP 2381 and Atk 2000. Sha Wujin and Zhu Bajie seem also misplaced. It seems since the Wonderland event, the creatures you added were misplaced between HP and Atk. Thanks.
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks, fixed.

Budak (@) - 24.03.13 00:05 -
In page listing, for Queen of Hearts, it should be Atk: 1,828, HP: 2,991. Thanks.
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks, fixed.

LordDeem (@) - 13.03.13 16:45 -
How about get rid off attackers who attack n do ( 0 ) damage and still get points and rewards. They dont really helpin u out.
Skip button Skip Attack when u raid BOSS

NLanvaldear (@) - 08.03.13 21:07 -
i uploaded my maxed out creature for the maxed out page, how long does it take for it to appear on it?
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks for sharing. It will take the time we need to moderate the pictures and to handle it. As we're only 4 to do this, allow us having an IRL...

sezieske (@) - 07.03.13 05:08 -
Farming info:Ive found that the more you replay a level the more often cards drop. Astoria(the 6th region) drops lots of uncommons. You can also tell when you get a card during a level when a trail follows its defeat, a draw sound follows as well.
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks.

hellfire noob (@) - 04.03.13 09:13 -
Can someone share how to use R. Spirit card to it's full potential like use on a Fully Evolved creature and upgrade to it's max level 50. Or any creature coz no different? And how many level of increase can each Spirit card gives?
Answered by Corwin9s: go in the Forum, you will find answers.

quambiana - 03.03.13 09:58 -
Thanks for all of the time you put into the testing yo give us these tips :)
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks.

Dreggroll (@) - 02.03.13 01:38 -
Hail to the card artist who worked so hard and detail intensive for this game... It wouldn't be anything special with art the melodramatic attractive art that sweep away our eyes.. Thank you for drawing so much love to this game!!!
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks to you and to all artists !

FURI0N (@) - 23.02.13 07:54 -
Hi, why dont you start the 'trading card' feature?? it will make the game much more intresting.
Answered by Corwin9s: pretty better to ask Mobage instead our fan community... :-)

Yaronh (@) - 22.02.13 22:26 -
Thanks guys! this site is very usefull.
Is there an option to add the average lvl up stats for the cards? lets say for an example- bujanga get 155(stage 4 lvl 37 to 38 he get + 152 Hp and +158 atk)
Answered by Corwin9s: go in the Stats page, you will find a calculator.

CEOxBLAKiEx - 18.02.13 17:45 -
this site is awesome.. tons of good stuff on here.. sent a couple maxed out ultra rares that your missing.. working on a few more too..
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks for sharing !

Alexx1304 - 17.02.13 11:14 -
Great work on the site! Without everyone's helpful info on here, I would have given up on this game long ago.
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks.

Szymon - 14.02.13 19:30 -
2 things.

1. The FanApp needs an update.
2. Farming advice 3 has to be corrected. Tahal is a world number 12, not 13.
Answered by Corwin9s: thanks. What other kind of update need the FanApp ?

Tom (@) - 07.02.13 07:00 -
hey! is it possible to pull the event cards from packs after events? or how are we supposed to finnish evolvibg those if we didnt finnish top 10 n got 4?

joccm (@) - 05.02.13 16:26 -
Does this game support jailbreak iphone??
Answered by Corwin9s: no infos that it doesn't support this. But as I'm on Android...

Jebo1298 - 19.01.13 09:47 -
Great site, full of useful infos. Thanks for it and for the forum !

juggernaught crush - 11.01.13 16:17 -
Eberdawn - Temple of the Fallen - Chapter 14 (the one before the Boss)offers a lot of death cards. I farmed here and generally a 100 points (105 points recharged at the end of 6 games), i usually get around 5-8 Water + 15-20 Death cards. Plains maybe gives all elements but I dont think it can gives me 20-30 cards in 7 games

Leobreaker1812 (@) - 09.01.13 04:15 -
Great size and great info, thanks for making this site and keep up the good work.

bas (@) - 05.01.13 17:02 -
Great info here. I was wondering though, would using 4 stage-1 archers for reinforcing be more xp than using 1 fully evolved stage-4 archer?
Answered by Corwin9s: using 4 "stage 1" is better than using 1 "stage 4". have a look in the "Tips & Advices" section for more details and infos about evolving or reinforcing.

Scott (@) - 01.01.13 11:17 -
Great work, great site.

Julius - 29.12.12 15:30 -
Thanks a lot for this site!

Ackeny - 12.12.12 19:43 -
I have upload the world 18, 19 and 20 =]

Ackeny - 12.12.12 19:41 -
Nice site, I love it and I'm glad I can contribute to this site!

John (@) - 11.12.12 01:07 -
Great website! Thanks for setting it up.
Have uploaded pictures of Agni 1, Salamander 4, Lindwurm 3 and Carick 2 for you to update the creatures gallery. :-)

Ariane - 30.11.12 13:15 -
Thank you for creating this site, I enjoy it very much! I am new to the game and the information here has helped me a lot.

kkao - 27.11.12 08:14 -
great site - keep up the good work!

Urzqor (@) - 20.11.12 12:57 -
Ok. Merci.
C'est normal que les 3-4* soit très dur à avoir mais pour avoir une carte légendaire faut vraiment être extremement chanceux. Ou dépenser de l'argent ..
J'espère qu'ils vont mettre des event sur iphone où on aura possibilité de tomber sur des 4* ou des cristaux.
Enfin bon je vais espérer tomber sur 3 autres Ariel the Fallen et au moins 4 autres cartes 4* similaires.

Urzqor (@) - 20.11.12 12:22 -
Est-il possible d'avoir des cartes 3 voir 4* autrement qu'en utilisant les cristaux (voir en dépensant de l'argent ?
C'est à dire qu'en faisant des combats dans certains mondes on peut avoir des cartes 3-4* ou on aura que des cartes 1-2*. Je suis à Brundanthur, rank 27 et je n'ai eu que des 1 et 2*. Merci pour vos réponses
Réponse par Corwin9s: il est possible de gagner des cartes 3* en utilisant des cristaux d'alliés (ally jewels), mais le pourcentage de chance est très bas. Il est possible de gagner des cartes 3* lors d'évènements spéciaux et uniques. Il est possible de gagner des cartes 3* et 4* (uniquement) avec des cristaux magiques (magical jewels), mais ces cristaux magiques peuvent être gagnés en finissant les régions (10 ou 20), ainsi que les cartes des mondes (50). Au total, sur l'ensemble des cartes, il y a env. 1600 joyaux magiques disponibles, donc 16 convocations de créatures 3* et 4* possibles.

Bestito - 13.11.12 23:36 -
I'm not sure that I just upload the picture in Share YOURS!, but forgot to fulfill secure code.
Answered by Corwin9s: it's mandatory to fullfill secure code for avoiding spam uploads. If not fullfiled, pictures will not be uploaded. When a picture is successfully uploaded, a message will confirm it on the page and the picture can be viewed.

Balgar - 19.10.12 16:51 -
A couple things I haven't seen posted:
-your title screen image (and presumably your element on the ally list) is dictated by the card in the top left deck slot
-your cards level less when using 1 second level evolution card than if you use 2 first level cards
-cards with higher rarity have a lower capture rate, so if you are just farming for card reinforcements, go to the starter worlds

Answered by Corwin9s: Thanks, I've added it to the Tips Section

tazzizou (@) - 17.10.12 10:20 -
il m'est arrivé une ou deux fois de lancer une boule pile entre deux monstres et les deux on été affecté cela vous est il deja arrivé ?

Réponse par Corwin9s: oui, je l'ai eu ce matin-même. Ajouté dans les Astuces, merci !

MQXX (@) - 16.10.12 17:11 -
Map 2 (Eberdawn) in - Plains Of Eternal Light - you can get a lot of letters to raise the deck level fast ..
or revise the publication of the video posted on the facebook.

Answered by Corwin9s: Thanks, I've added it to the Tips Section

yoga7862 (@) - 12.10.12 22:43 -
Merci pour ce website ainsi que pour les astuces.

Corwin9s (@) - 12.10.12 10:29 -
Bienvenue et profitez de ce site!
Welcome and enjoy this little website !

par Corwin9sfr_copyrights