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World 02 Eberdawn

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World 02 Eberdawn
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Eberdawn ...

Arch Moor Cliffs: known as "Tears of the World."

Agni's Grotto: rumored home to a deadly Fire Witch.

Temple of The Fallen: Torches and candles are lit to guide the way of the fallen.

Gwen Silva Forest: "Most people never live long enough to see the Fae, only their arrows" - Caravan Guide.

Plains of Eternal Light: A place of eternal summer.

In the territory...

* Plains Of Eternal Light on Chapter 24, you will be able to gain many creatures (of various elements) to evolve your favorites !

*Gwen Silva Forest on Chapter 19, you will be able to gain many creatures (mainly Earth creatures) to evolve your favorites !
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